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Who needs guitars anyway?

Best Bits
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
I'm back!
And I've got lots more exciting stuff planned for this place, mainly getting the main site up asap. I'm currently considering hosting and then I have to upload the files and finish off a few bits and pieces. In other news I may be getting Delta's album tomorrow and Triple 8 is out Monday. Buy it everyone!
Sunday, July 27, 2003
Going Away...
Back on Wednesday - see you on the other side!
When Will They Be Famous? Review

Lovely looking Essex Newcastle Will turned out to be a Stereophonics lovely indie wannabe, even if he is the most perfect boybander I've seen since Justin Timberlake. His song was pretty good however and compared to various others he deserved to get in.

La Donna
A big, bubbly, black church girl should be expected to have a massive soulful voice. La Donna did not and that is why she didn't get through.

Teeny pop princess, therefore had no chance. It's impossible to show your talent in a song like that because everyone will write you off immediately cos it's easy. Not that this was a problem - Katie was pretty bad anyway.

Alasdair sang a typical crowd pleaser, Back For Good, and did a very good version I thought. But he is obviously no star performer and as a person seems a bit odd.

Louise has a famous boyfriend, Jensen Button, and she 'wrote' Sounds Of The Underground (oddly she only gets a special thanks on the CD, not a writing credit, hmmm...) and she looks likely to drag these facts out repeatedly. Even so she is good singer, seems nice enough and is very pretty. No surprise she went through.

Poor Daniel, he is a self proclaimed geeky student who wants to be a rock god - something he very clearly is not. He looked so scared during the performance, he actually scared me, and at some points he even looked evil.

Carolynne's was the performance of the night for me. Again she is very pretty, in a Shania Twain meets Andrea Corr kind of way, but she also has a proper powerful voice making her miles ahead of the others in my opinion.

My personal top 4 would be the exact 4 who got through so overall it worked out well. It was a very poor week though and I expect the next group on Wednesday will be far superior as they include Audley who loves Motown, a little half Burmese James Busted-alike who sings soul (He must be talented or he would be doing Westlife) and Peter who is also known to me as Proper Ainslie because he is what Ainslie always wanted to be and never was.

Video Killed The Radio Star

Justin Timberlake - Sernorita
I've only watched this on a tiny screen on Launch but it looks great. All the Neptunes are in it, not just Pharrel and as most of you will know as you've got the album it's a fantastic song.
I give Justin *****

Boomkat - What You Do To Me
This is one of my favourite songs on Boomkatalogue One and deserves to be a big hit but it's not as instant as The Wreckoning and therefore I sadly don't think it will be even that big (small). The song on the album has a boy with a weird voice in it too and this just has Taryn, so it sounds quite different.
I give Boomkat ****

Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake
Another song where we get a different version on the video than the CD. And JT doesn't even appear in the video which is kind of rubbish. It is still and fantastic song though and I'd be surprised if it isn't a massive hit.
I give BEP & JT ****
Friday, July 25, 2003
La Nicola vs. Mattie - Googlefight!

La Nicola: 1 420 000 results
Mattie: 493 000 results

La Nicola wins!
When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

X is for:


Y is for:


Z is for:

Zimmer frame

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
Schools Out For Summer
Note: I wanted D&C but you'll have to make do with Alice Cooper....
Well, we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin' all that noise
Cause they found new toys

Well, we can't salute ya
Can't find a flag
If that don't suit ya
That's a drag

School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Well, we got no class
And we got no principals
And we got no innocence
We can't even think of a word that rhymes

School's out for summer
School's out forever
My school's been blown to pieces

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks

Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not come back at all

School's out forever
School's out for summer
School's out with fever
School's out completely

If only school really was out forever! Even next summer won't be the end, I still have 6th form to get through. Despite having to return next year I am going to make the most of my summer and so should you. Here are my top ten pop-related ways to spend a day off:

1. Make a pop photo story using pictures from magazines
2. Dig out the first singles and albums you bought and reminisce. Hopefully this will not involve Blazin' Squad's song Reminisce.
3. Find some barbie dolls and dress them up as Girls Aloud or other popsters
4. Cut out parts of pop stars from magazines to make the perfect pop prince or princess
5. Tape some music videos off The Box and learn the dance routines. S Club 8 or Triple 8 would be perfect.
6. Make a pop website or fanzine
7. Visit all the pop sites in the Links section on the right
8. Go to the newsagent and buy all the pop mags you can find
9. Create your own pop supergroup, write a song for them and design their outfits for the video.
10. Get a video camera and make your own pop video or recreate a favourite. A word of warning if remaking No Good Advice: I do not in any way condone the vandalising of phone boxes.

If you are mad/bored enough to actually do any of these things, please send evidence to poptasticuk@hotmail.com and you'll be famous!
Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Hi, Nicola here!

I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who voted for Girls Aloud in the first ever DP chart and made us NUMBER ONE! Keep up the good work guys and don't forget to buy the single so it does well in those other, less important charts.
Monday, July 21, 2003
When Will They Be Famous?

The Fame Academy final 25 contestants have been announced. You can see them in their full glory here

Early interests include:

Yummy Gary Phelan, who does NOT look like Jade's boyfriend and has Will hair.

James Fox who is obviously JC Chasez in disguise.

La Donna - the UK's answer to Frenchie Davis perhaps?

Video Killed The Radio Star

Our thoughts on the new videos on The Box this week.

Abs feat. Nodesha - Miss Perfect
Jessica: Shockingly I like this song, but only cos Nodesha is in it loads and Nodesha rules the world.
Nicola: I've met Abs and I can confirm that yes his speaking voice is that silly in real life.
Will: I'm sure Abs is a lovely guy, but his style is not for me. Nodesha however seems very cool.
We give Abs * and Nodesha ****

Mel Blatt - Do Me Wrong
Jessica: I didn't like Mel's previous solo songs much, but this is catchy and summery. Might just be a hit!
Nicola: Another funny voice, but really cool song. I like it.
Will: She's a good singer and Do Me Wrong is her best single yet. I wish her the best of luck.
We give Mel Blatt ****

Dare - Chihuahua
Jessica: I like a bit of Europop but on 1st listen this is rubbish - next!
Nicola: Ooh no this awful - switch it off! I can't understand a word of it.
Will: This song is not my type of thing but I hope they do well anyway. I'd like to learn more Spanish.
We give Dare *
Sunday, July 20, 2003
The Pop Boy Song

Disclaimer: This song does not claim in any way to be good and I do not claim to have talent!

Artsy pictorial evidence coming soon

Talky bit:
Pop's full of good singers
But some of them are mingers

Verse one:
For every Will Young
There's a Lee Ryan
For every Trousersnake
There's a Gareth Gates

Bedders, Snedders - they're OK
But I'd pick Will-yum any day
Britney Spears make way for me
I've got my eye on Justin T

Verse Two:
Darren Hayes leaves me in a daze
Don't tell me it's just a phase
Triple 8, I think they're great
I'd like to be Sparkly's mate

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three:
If I had to pick just one
I'd go for William Young
Those eyes, that smile
And yum - his bum!

Repeat chorus

Token cool bit:
Uh-oh here we go
Pop boys say 'yo'!

Chorus to fade
The DP Chart

This week's top 5 are:

1. Life Got Cold by Girls Aloud
2. Crazy In Love by Beyonce
3. Misfit by Amy Studt
4. What You Need Is by Sinead Quinn
5. Fool No More by S Club 8

Great choices might I say! The next poll will be up tonight or tomorrow.
Today Is Very Special Because...

1. I would like to introduce to you the two new members of the Dirrrty Pop team. They are two great friends of mine and I'm sure you will love them too. Here they are, with a bit of info about each:

Name: Nicola Roberts
Age: 17
From: Runcorn near Liverpool
Talents: Singing, dancing, being moody
Nickname: La Nicola or Cola
More info: www.girlsaloud.co.uk

Name: William Robert Young
Age: 24
From: London/Hungerford
Talents: Singing, dancing, being gorgeous
Nickname: Willyum
More info: www.williamyoung.biz

2. This picture (Thanks Michael!)

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

It's time to pay tribute to some of my favourite parts of the best pop sites on the internet:

Popjustice Top 10
Every week Mr PJ sends out his own top of the pops. Genius!

The Love Pavillion's Song Contest
My entry, The Pop Boy Song, coming soon!

Parts Of Will Young
Took the words right out of my mouth...

The Amiel & Liz Phair Love
Thanks Claire & Alyson for introducing me to these two.

All Things Alasdair Appleton
More Alasdair pics please Panda.

Shit Hot/Just Shit
Very informative.

The 10 Best Britney Spears Songs
Cos Britney rules!

Hurrah for other people's fab sites!
When Will They Be Famous?

Exciting, though slightly annoying, news today. Both Pop Idol and Fame Academy will be starting on 26th July at 6.30pm. Th exciting thing is: that's in 6 days! 6 DAYS! The annoying thing is: I can't watch them both, let alone tape them both as I was planning. Hopefully this will be changed but it too late now I think.
More Important Notes!

1. I've added yet another two links this morning - Life On Minges Hill and H (From Steps) Went To My School.

2. Any plans for next Saturday (26th) between 8.30pm and 9.30pm must be immediately cancelled, because Will is going to be on TV! The show is Pop Idol One Year On on ITV2 and will probably involve lots of GG and Cowell praising, but Will is on it and that is all that matters.

3. And here is a lovely picture:

Saturday, July 19, 2003
A Few Important Notes

1. I plan to count down the DP Chart tomorrow, but as it stands there are some songs tying, so if you haven't voted or want to vote again, go ahead and do it NOW!

2. I have added four new links today, Lauren's Will & Hayley site, Buffy Gal, Captain Cheese and Zbornak and I also added Rubbish Gays and Hularoolia in the past few weeks, so please pay all these lovely people a visit.

3. I saw Will last night and a review will be up soon! I'm sure you're all on the edges of your seats but you're gonna have to be patient I'm afraid.
Thursday, July 17, 2003
When Will I Be Famous? A-Z

S is for:


and Sound Of The Underground

T is for:


and Trenyce

U is for:


V is for:


W is for:


I'm So Excited, And I Just Can't Hide It!

Tomorrow is the big day when I get to:

1. Miss school
2. Go shopping
3. Visit Exeter
4. See Will Young sing live
5. Hear 5 of Will's new songs and 11 old ones

Overall, not too dull!
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

Q is for:


R is for:



The Curse Of The Kellys

Have you noticed how many bad songs are sung by Kellys? Here are my top 5 worst Kellys:

1. R Kelly
Crime: Ignition and the obvious
2. Kelly Jones
Crime: All the whiney Stereophonics rubbish
3. Kelly Clarkson
Crime: Screeching all over Ain't No Mountain with Will
4. Kelly Rowland
Crime: The boooooring new song Train On The Track
5. Kelly Osbourne
Crime: Shut Up - I wish she would!

Narrowly missed out: Kelli Liberty X, Matthew Kelly

And now on a more positive note;

Top 5 'Ine's In Pop

1. Magazine
I recommend Popworld
2. Heard It Through The Grapevine
Will sang this for the Queen and it was fab
3. Javine
She may have bad clothes, but she still gets my R.E.S.P.E.C.T
4. Nadine
1/5 of Girls Aloud, though not the most important one
5. Say You'll Be Mine
One of Step's catchiest hits

Narrowly missed out: Justin, Christina, Britney

Obsession (I Love You)
I have a new mini-obsession, and his name is Nio. No, not Keanu Reeves. Nio is a British pikey but nonetheless brilliant Justin-alike. Reasons for his mightiness are as follows:

1. Do You Think You're Special is a great song which sounds a bit like Justin
2. He has hair like Justin's
3. He wore a tracksuit like Justin's at Pop Beach
4. He's British
5. He has his own Pharrel, complete with bicycle
6. A girl from Grange Hill is in the video, talking pikeyer than her normal

Therefore, Nio and his video are my current favourite pikey things! I'm looking for a photo as we speak.

My second favourite pikey thing of the moment is Heartless Crew's latest single/video for Why? which on top of being a fantastic song has a very odd video. It's a love/break-up song and the video fits this idea, but the 'boy' is a 30-year-old black man with large hair and the girl is a small blonde 12-year-old. How R Kelly! But much better song of course.
Tuesday, July 15, 2003
I'm trying some new comments boxes from haloscan.com, so bear with me!

Edit: I'm very pleased to say IT WORKED! I have to recommend haloscan.com to all my fellow bloggers because they are much easier to use than squakbox.tv. I have to apologise to all the people (OK, there were 4) who left comments in the old ones, they are no longer here. But please leave another message here, it's much appreciated! And now I can get back to blogging as usual. One more thing: The comments for each post are above the titles. Yes I know it's weird but I am just thankful for it's workingness at the moment, and I will try to fix it soon.
Monday, July 14, 2003
Sunday, July 13, 2003
If you buy this record your life will be better!

Pop Beach 2003
My review of Pop Beach comes to you Love Pavillion style:

Bonza Things:
1. Girls Aloud doing Life Got Cold and Nicola being in the middle
2. Nio, Siobhan and Mel Blatt appearing without notice - I *heart* all three.
3. Triple 8 singing live
4. D-side only doing one song, and even that was drowned out by next door's strimmer
5. Dannii Minogue
6. Abs new single, Miss Perfect with the fabulous Lodesha

Unbonza Things:
1. D-side singing the boooooring Invisible and not the slightly catchy Speechless.
2. Dannii's horrible outfit
3. Abs' other song, Stop Sign

Overall, a pretty good afternoon's TV!

Don't Make Me Wait One More Day!
Here are the 5 most exciting albums that I will be buying this year (In no particular order):

1. Sinead Quinn - Ready To Run (Out tomorrow!)
2. Triple 8 - Heavy W8
3. Will Young - TBA
4. Darren Hayes - TBA
5. Amiel - Audio Out

Saturday, July 12, 2003
I have comment boxes! So please leave me lots of nice messages.

Video Killed The Radio Star
I've been meaning to continue this, so here it is if a little late this week (Had to wait for GA on the Sat Show)

Girls Aloud - Life Got Cold
This video is exactly what you would expect for a song called Life Got Cold, no matter what the song actually sounds like. I love the song and also am pleased that Nicola gets more screen-time cos she rules, but the video could be a bit less predictable. I was hoping for something summery to be ironic. ****

David Sneddon - Best Of Order
A rocky Robbie-esque number for Snedhead's third single with a simple video. The song although not really my thing has got stuck in my head for the long-term, so I guess it could be a hit. But looking at how badly poor Sinead did with the fabulous What You Need Is, his future may not be too rosy.***

Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independant
Kelly won American Idol 1 in 2002 and this was the second single she released there, but her first in the UK. This song is pretty good, but only because it is literally a Christina cast-off. I really dislike Kelly's singing style (too shouty) and find her the most boring popster on the planet, so I won't be hoping for this to top the charts, unless it means lovely Ruben gets a chance here.**

Jaimeson - Complete
When I first head this I thought it was Celena from the Honeyz and now Anotherside - it sounds so much like her, but after seeing the video I learn it is not. Complete is pleasant enough, but not as catchy as True though very similar-sounding. I don't think it will be a big chart hit but sounds OK on the radio.***

Richard X feat. Kelis - Finest Dreams
Richard X has made a whole album of bootlegs collaborations and this is the second (After Liberty X's Being Nobody) to be released. The video has cartoons of Richard, Kelis and all the other artists who appear on his album. Finest Dreams is a brilliant dance-pop track and really summery too - I think it will be a hit.*****
The Dirrrty Pop Chart
If your tastes are anything like mine you will constantly find that songs you love are charting way lower than they should be. So, to right that wrong, I present The Dirrrty Pop Chart, where only good songs reach the top ten. There will be a new top 5 every week and you can vote for your favourite right here and now:

When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

O is for:

One True Voice

P is for:

Phixx (Andrew & Mikey - yum!)


Some help over here please!
Does anyone know where I can get a poll or voting thingy which can have 20 choices and preferably it is possible to pick more than one? If you do e-mail me or leave a message on the tag-board. Thanks!
When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

N is for:

Nasty Nigel

and Nadine

Amy Studt Live
If anyone is interested, Amy is playing at a few concerts this summer:

13th July - Mercia and Beacon Summer XS: Himley Hall, Dudley
20th July - Red Dragon FM Party In The Park, Cardiff
20th July - 96.4 Wave FM Party In The Park, Swansea
25th July - 2CR FM Party On The Pier, Bournemouth
2nd August - Wave 105.2 FM roadshow, Southampton
Friday, July 11, 2003
Top 5 Idols
There have been many Idols in the world so far. These have included popsters from the UK, Poland, South Africa, Holland, Germany and many more. Here are my five favourites with photos:

1. Will Young

Who else?! Will won Pop Idol in the UK and his singles have included Evergreen, You And I and Light My Fire.

2. Heinz Winckler

Heinz won Idols in South Africa and his singles have included Soledad and Next Stop Happiness.

3. Ruben Studdard

Ruben won American Idol 2 in the USA and his debut single was Flying Without Wings.

4. Jamai

Jamai won Idols in Holland and his debut single was Step Right Up.

5. Kurt Nilsen

Kurt won Idol in Norway and his debut single was She's So High

When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

K is for:


L is for:

La Nicola

M is for:


Thursday, July 10, 2003
When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

H is for:


and (buff) hotties

I is for


J is for


and Javine

Pop Trivia Question Of The Day
What is the name of the singer of Puretone's hits? Scroll down for the answer.
I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head:
Siobhan Donaghy - Overrated
Michelle Branch & Santana - Game Of Love
Daphne & Celeste - Schools Out
S Club 8 - Rush
Robyn - O Baby

Knockout: Nicola Aloud vs. Matt Busted
The war of words has gone on long enough. It's time to settle this dispute once and for all!

Matt: A few catchy singles but a crap album. 1 point.
Nicola: A whole album full of top pop tunes and two fab singles. 2 points.

Matt: A posh boy with large eyebrows and a small boy in short trousers. 0 points.
Nicola: The mighty Girls Aloud including Cheryl 'The Destroyer' Tweedy. 2 points.

Dance Moves
Matt: They erm...jump? 0 points.
Nicola: They have tambourines! 1 point.

Matt: 'Punk' clothes. How original. 0 points.
Nicola: Angel wing tops and boiler suits! 2 points.

Matt: Bleached hair. I think Eminem got there first dear. 0 points.
Nicola: Red hair and can carry off a side ponytail. 2 points.

Matt: Called Nicola a 'rude ginger bitch'. 1 point.
Nicola: Wrote 'I'm a rude ginger bitch...botherd!' on her bum. 10 points.

Matt: 2
Nicola: 19

I conclude that Nicola would win hands down!

U.G.L.Y You Ain't Got No Alibi
There's a brand new trend in the pop world of getting makeovers to look as ugly as possible. Look what I found when searching for pictures of these pop stars:

David Sneddon

Jamie Shaw


and Darius too!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Just added a tagboard, so please sign it everyone and make yourself known! Nice comments only please or evil glares will ensue.

I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head:
Sinead Quinn - What You Need Is
Beyonce - Crazy In Love
Diana Ross - Upside Down
Puretone - Stuck In A Groove
My own imaginary *NSync medley (Don't ask where that came from!)

Pop Trivia Question Of The Day
What number did Shakira's Whenever Wherever reach in the charts?

When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

G is for:

Girls Aloud

When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

E is for:


and embarrassment

F is for:

Fame Academy

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Pop Trivia Question Of The Day
Name all current and past members of Destiny's Child. Scroll for the answers.
When Will They Be Famous? A-Z

B is for:

Baby One More Time

C is for:


and crying

D is for:


When Will They Be Famous? A-Z
It's not long now until the new series' of Pop Idol and Fame Academy and I am of course excited because I love these shows. So to get us in the mood, here is the first installment of the TV talent contest A-Z:

A is for:


and American Idol

More later!

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