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Best Bits
Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Top of the Poptastic!

Here are my top 30 songs of April:

1. Alphabeat - 10,000 Nights (UK release)
2. Private - We Got Some Breaking Up To Do
3. Yelle - Je veux te voir
4. LadyGaga - Just Dance
5. BWO - Barcelona
6. Charlotte Perelli - Bullet
7. Cassie – Is It You (UK release)
8. Annie - Girlfriend
9. Taio Cruz feat Estelle – I Can Be
10. EMD - Jennie Let Me Love You
11. Long Blondes - Guilt
12. Yelle - À cause des garçons
13. Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop
14. Alex C - You Have The Sweetest Ass In The World (Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch Der Welt)
15. Vanessa Hudgens - Sneaker Night
16. Rihanna - Take A Bow
17. Kate Voegele - Only Fooling Myself
18. Guillemots - Falling Out of Reach
19. Walter Meego - Forever
20. Kylie Minogue - In My Arms
21. Jamie Lidell - Another Day
22. Wideboys feat Shaznay Lewis – Daddy Oh
23. Teyana Taylor - Google Me
24. Yael Naim - New Soul
25. Cassie - Official Girl
26. The Galvatrons - When We Were Kids
27. Iglu & Hardy - Violent and Young
28. Dollyrots - My Best Friend's Hot
29. The Kid - Mayhem Troopers
30. The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Listen: Madonna - Hard Candy

I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Madonna's new album would take an r'n'b direction, and involve Timbaland, because although he's made a few pretty good songs in recent years, I'd like to hear something a bit different from Madonna. I also really liked the style of her last album, especially Hung Up, which is one of my favourite number 1s of this decade. I'm nothing like as interested in 4 Minutes, although I admit it's enjoyable and does feature a member of *N Sync, but I have to give her album a chance and see what she can pull out of the bag, and whether a woman who this year turns 50 can pull off r'n'b as well as the current popstars she has inspired.

1. Candy Shop
This is easily comparable to Nelly Furtado, but I'd actually say it's up to the level of Miss Furtado - not second rate, as I'd heard allegations of this album being, in comparison to similar recent releases. Still, we are only on the first track. To be honest I'm just relieved this doesn't feature 50 Cent - it's certainly miles better than his horribly anti-feminist single of the same name. The track's not entirely lacking in pointless guest stars, though - Pharrell makes a totally unwarranted (but luckily very short) appearance.
70% Poptastic!

2. 4 Minutes (ft. Justin Timberlake)
The one we all know. I've never really thought properly about whether I like this. It just started being on the radio and I listened out for it and although I didn't find myself clamouring for another listen, I certainly wasn't wishing for it to end either. It kind of amuses me because when it comes on I often get confused and think Me Against The Music is being played. I always thought that track was a bit underrated, so I don't mind that she's recycled it a bit here, and it's quite fitting what with 4 Minutes featuring Britney's ex.
75% Poptastic!

3. Give It 2 Me
I love the fun beat and vocoder effects of this one, and the song overall is very poptastic, much more in the vein of her early work (with a modern twist) than I expected from anything on Hard Candy. I think this would make a very good single choice, although the 'get stupid' bit will certainly entice comparisons to Gwen Stefani.... but that didn't hurt Hung Up, practically a Gwen tribute song. I'm actually feeling pretty enthusiastic!
90% Poptastic!

4. Heartbeat
It begins, quite predictably, with a heartbeat, then progresses with some nice synths and an urban beat. I'm bopping along to the music, but I think the actual sung melody could be improved. That part is a little clumsy, but I imagine it improves on further listens. The chorus seems better each time. There are some poptastic bits, but hearing a lady older than my mum singing "see my booty get down" with reactions of "uhh" from Pharrell Williams is inevitably a little disturbing.
70% Poptastic!

5. Miles Away
A more acoustic sound, but it makes for a good beat, and the melody here is so much better than the verses of Heartbeat. Really hooky, and the chorus plants this as a definite pop song. Great clap-along bit near the end, followed by added disco backing. I'm enjoying this album quite a lot so far! This track is really sunny and very much reminiscent of the songs on the Immaculate Collection, undoubtedly my favourite era of Madonna. I did name my other blog after one of the tracks, after all.
95% Poptastic!

6. She's Not Me
A clapping beat and jazzy sounds set the tone for this track, but again the melody is quite connectable to Madge's early hits. However, the chorus reminds me very much of Britney's latest album. Thinking about it lyrically, it could actually be about Britney - interesting! Then again, this girl apparently has "beautiful hair"... The song is good, and I like the clap clap bits and the middle 8, but it can't quite match up to the greatness of the track before, and Pharrell makes yet another pointless appearance. Still a pretty good song, though.
70% Poptastic!

7. Incredible
This is very much an r'n'b song (a bit Promiscuous Girl but not as catchy), but Madonna's voice still makes it pop. I think the associations we have with her and pop are so strong that anything she does is pop, no matter how hard it tries to be something else. Madonna just is pop music. This album may take Madonna in an r'n'b direction, but at heart she is distinctly Madonna, in a way no-one else can be, and she can never not be.
65% Poptastic!

8. Beat Goes On (ft. Kanye West)
What is with all the heavy breathing at the start? This is very low-key, building up as it goes along. This is the most serious attempt to be r'n'b of the album so far, and it is suitably boring. I do hope the fact that Kanye is involved doesn't mean it'll be the next single, because apart from not being very good, it's also a bit misleading about the overall style of this album, which this doesn't truly reflect. I would have actually been more pleased if it was a Cher cover. In fact, there's not even a sample!
45% Poptastic!

9. Dance 2Nite
Timbers worked on this one too, and makes quite a large appearance, considering it's not credited as featuring him. It's obviously aiming to be quite funky, but it seems a little dated to me. It's certainly not the catchiest track on the album, which is a disappointment, since Justin was also involved in Miles Away. I'm not terribly impressed, but it's better than Beat Goes On. The cheesy title makes me think of DanceX... oh dear!
50% Poptastic!

10. Spanish Lessons
I was going to make a joke about expecting this to sound like Spanish by Craig David... and then it did! I actually liked that one, though. This is OK, but I'll be amazed if Madonna ever makes another Spanish-style song better than La Isla Bonita. This is a bit more Mi Chico Latina, but again I did quite like that one. Well, it was better than Look At Me! Now how did I end up talking about Geri in this review? Proof, if ever there was, that this is absolutely a pop album! This isn't its most poptastic moment, though.
60% Poptastic!

11. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You
Oh, it pained me to write that z. This is a ballad with electro backing that sounds like bubbles popping. It's not too bad, but I have pretty high standards for ballads and generally a preference for more powerful ones compared to this sort which is more like a slowed-down version of the other tracks, or a female version of a JT album track. I was about to say Madonna isn't really the queen of ballads, but then I recalled the incredible Frozen, one of my all time faves of her songs. So, she can do better!
65% Poptastic!

12. Voices
Last track, so let's see if she can end on a poptastic note, cos I have to say all the greatness seems to be at the start... well, it begins interestingly, seeming a bit of a 90s throwback. The verse is hooky, then leads to a strange bridge with dog metaphors. The chorus makes this a spooky pop ballad, but I'm a little distracted by being reminded of allSTARS and similar Hallowe'en spooky songs. An interesting track, but not really memorable.
65% Poptastic!

So it turns out that I shouldn't have been concerned at all - although there's nothing quite as amazing as Hung Up (and really, few things are) and the first half is far superior to the second, overall Hard Candy is just as poptastic as Confessions on a Dancefloor. I heartily recommend it!

The Next Big Thing?

The Clique Girlz
OK, this is scary: one of them was born in 1996! When you also know their names are Destinee, Paris and Ariel, you'll be forgiven for being very dubious, but this group's songs are not too bad compared to some Disney acts. Their rock sound is at least a little more convincing than the watered-down rubbish that Aly & AJ have often tried to fob fans off with, and with a really good song (they have one called The Difference which is semi-good) they could be pretty big, I think. Their songs are written by John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, but I have to say their work is never a thing on the Swedish rock-pop writers. I presume the idea is to make them a female Jonas Brothers or a group of mini-Avrils, and they may succeed, although it's pretty rare for female rock groups to do well - see Lillix, who were amaing (and over 13) and never got anywhere, really.
Hit potential: 62% Poptasticness: 58%

Jamie Lidell
Not a new artist of course, but a possibility for future stardom. Jamie made a brilliant song called Multiply on his last album, and its success has led him to make a whole album in this more mainstream style. There's a lot on the line here, as he's been accused of selling out (he actually began as an electro artist), but I personally think the great reception to Multiply, which was the song that introduced many people to him in the first place, shows that he is likely to do quite well with this new direction. I don't know if any of the songs are going to be big hits, and in fact I don't like any as much as Multiply, but all of those I've heard so far have been good. With his retro sound yet definite coolness, he could even be something of a male Amy Winehouse. Only time will tell!
Hit potential: 70% Poptasticness: 70%

This guy (who is thankfully not Tim Kash under a pseudonym) is very similar to Frankmusik on some of his tracks, but I actually think Kash has more potential. This is because he shows more versatility and willingness to tailor himself to the pop market, whereas Frankmusik is more of a niche artist, and his somewhat abrasive (although enjoyable) sound will not have the widest appeal, despite the fact I think it's great innovative pop music. Songs like Swings & Roundabouts place Kash in the Frankmusik category, but combined with tracks like poptastic Delete My Number and ballad To Have Not To Hold remind me more of Daniel Bedingfield, or even Will Young (the former) or Take That (the latter) at times! I'm really excited to find this artist (via the ever-ace #1 Hits) and hope he will go on to become as huge as I think he has the possibility to be.
Hit potential: 65% Poptasticness: 92%
Monday, April 21, 2008

International Video Challenge

Representing Iran/Jamaica: Arash ft. Shaggy - Donya
Arash seems to be heading somewhat towards international success, since his current single features Shaggy and his next one features Eve and Lumidee. They seem strange choices since I wouldn't really say Arash was an r'n'b artist, and I can't see his Europoppy style becoming successful worldwide, but who knows? He could have a summer one-off hit, but there have been similar songs to this successful in the past, at least in the UK, so I'm not sure if he stands much chance of that. Personally I much preferred Temptation and his beautiful self-titled single Arash. The di-di-di-di-donya bit is quite fun, though.

Representing Sweden: Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone
Not quite as ace, in my opinion, as Little Bit, but not far off, and even more Robyn-ish, which is always a good attribute to have. I'd rather have the real Robyn, or a new album by Margaret Berger or Linda Sundblad, but she's fine as a temporary substitute. Lykke's CD, which I bought recently, is again not quite the heights of the three I mentioned, but it's still very much worth a purchase, especially if you like your pop music a bit more unusual-sounding and less mainstream. The video is interesting and well-made, and watching it gives me the feeling that this could be a UK hit, but I think if so it can't be more than a medium-sized one. In terms of Swedish breakthrough successes, this is no With Every Heartbeat, but it could be a Young Folks or Heartbeats.
Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dirrrty Pop Review: Popjustice Wonky Pop Tour

It's not so often these days I'm so excited after a gig that I have to write about it the moment I get home, but this is one of those occasions. Tonight I saw Popjustice's Wonky Pop tour, starring Frankmusik (girl drummer with great hair), Leon Jean Marie (no-one cheered for the single :() and the amazing amazing ALPHABEAT.

It was my 2nd time seeing them, but just as good as the first, and nice to hear 2 songs I'd never heard before, plus the tour singalong of Digital Love. That song is good in its original form but total brilliance when made into a cheery pop singalong, and when it comes straight after Fascination, which is straight after Touch Me, Touching You, it's almost euphoric! Alphabeat are so fantastically jolly, cute and poptastic that I can't quite believe they are real, because they are a realisation of the band I always dreamed would exist. I also felt incredibly proud, remembering 15 months ago when I gave them their first UK interview, and they modestly said "Sorry, but we don't have any plans about the UK so far."

What really pleased me about tonight was that it wasn't, as I expected, just your typical Popjustice reader group, but also (and in fact this was the majority) loads of bright young people. I don't know if I could say pop is as popular as it was ten years ago, but more unbelievably, it actually seems to be cool, cos these people weren't just average nice kids, they were the real trendy (in a fun, unobnoxious way) types - my friend and I (both 20) felt quite the frumps in comparison! I don't want to seem snobbish by wanting my fave bands to be liked by this audience, but it pleases me because they are hard to get on side, especially when it comes to pop music, and once a band has achieved that the media should (unless mad) really take notice.

Considering Alphabeat are often called "the Danish S Club 7", and it's not unfitting, it's incredible that they could be cool, and for me it's very heartwarming - I felt tonight that it may just be possible for this generation to rebel, as young people are supposed to, against the beliefs forced upon them by their elders (eg. Jo Whiley, NME) that it is not cool to like pop music. Anyone who saw tonight's gig will see that not only is it cool, but it's a million times more fun than the dire indie or rock bands that we youngsters are supposed to like. And Alphabeat have even genuinely been marketed as pop - this tour has 'pop' in its title twice! Of course, filling a small venue with excited teenagers is not indicative of ruling the world, but they've got the right people on side and now the UK music scene is their oyster. I'll tell you now, I'd put money on 10,000 Nights becoming a number 1 hit. Even if it isn't, it's still going to be massive and so are Alphabeat!
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Pop on the Block

Firefox AK - Once I Was Like You (Audio)
Swedish female electro-popper Firefox AK is a bit like Norwegian favourite Bertine Zetlitz, but her songs often have something of a melancholy side to them, and therefore she's never made anything quite level with the likes of Ah-Ah, Fake Your Beauty or 500, for me. This new single is quite engaging, simple with nice electro sounds and delicately contemplative vocals, and it has grown on me with each listen. Perhaps with a few more I'll be a big fan, but so far I prefer her duets with Tiger Lou (Winter Rose) and Hello Saferide (Long Lost Penpal - this is especially excellent). If this style of music is your top thing, as I know it is for many of my readers, then Firefox AK has a back-catalogue definitely worth delving into if you're not already familiar.
80% Poptastic!

Kings Have Long Arms ft. Candie Payne - Big Umbrella (Video)
For some reason, despite her working with Mark Ronson, and having a similar style to the now hugely popular Duffy, Candie never quite made it big when she arrived on the music scene last year. Maybe now, in the wake of Duffy's success, she'll get a little further with this sweet and very authentic 60s pastiche, which I'm sure will go down very well with Radio 2 types. However, if she didn't get anywhere with her ace single One More Chance (unless you count #122 in the charts as a success), maybe it's just not meant to be for Candie Payne. Maybe it was the relation to one of The Zutons that put people off...
66% Poptastic!

Alanis Morrissette - Underneath (Video)
The original Kelly/Avril/P!nk is back to claim her title as Queen of Pop-Angst. I can't say I like this as much as Thank You or Ironic, but it's alright I suppose. Apparently she worked with Guy Sigsworth (the man from Frou Frou) on this comeback attempt, and pictures like this suggest she's aiming for rather more mainstream appeal, but I can't say it's a big departure from what she's done before. She could have gone a little more electro vocoder-ish (like the Frou Frou/Imogen Heap sound), but then that sound has been done now and maybe there isn't any point in it being taken up by a major artist. If Guy could create another Blow My Mind (amazing Robyn album track), then I'd be more than interested. This is just a bit uninspiring.
52% Poptastic!
Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Next Big Thing?

Ace Young
It's this time of year, when American Idol approaches its exciting climax, that even its most forgotten alumni take their turns at achieving success. OK, so Ace isn't quite the most forgotten (how could I forget his amazing name?), but I hadn't thought of him for a while, and I doubt many people are eagerly anticipating his music, especially as he came 7th in the show 2 years ago. Apparently he did release a song on iTunes called Scattered in 2006, but now he's having another try in the wake of the success of his fellow contestant Chris Daughtry, whose single It's Not Over he contributed to the writing of. Addicted is somewhere between pop, rock and r'n'b, quite a catchy song but a bit dated perhaps, very boyband. Still it should go down well enough with the teen-pop fans, and I like it enough, but I can't say I find it at all addictive.
Hit potential: 22% Poptasticness: 67%

As In RebekkaMaria
She used to be in a band called Lampshade (no, me neither) but now RebekkaMaria has gone solo and just released her first album, Queen Of France. She's not French, though, she's Swedish, as you'll know from her music which fits in well with Lykke Li or The Knife. There's even a hint of Norway's finest Margaret Berger in Soul To My Soul. I have to say though that I don't enjoy her music nearly as much as those I've mentioned above, and I don't think she's destined for as much success. Of course, this kind of music is very popular currently so I'm sure she'll still gain plenty of fans, but I think I'll still with my Lykke and Margaret for now.
Hit potential: 34% Poptasticness: 65%

New Pop On The Block

Vanessa Hudgens - Sneaker Night (Audio)
Of all the HSM-ers, Vanessa's the one who's released the most serious music, actually placing herself in competition with acts like Rihanna and Cassie. I think this is very much in the vein of Jamelia's 2nd album, or Robyn's 3rd. I like it a lot, but she had 2 better songs on her last album, Come Back To Me and the unfairly little-known Make You Mine. I don't know if this'll be a big hit in the main US charts, as she may be hoping, but I'm sure the Disney crowd will love it and it's a zillion times better than most of the half-baked imitation-pop that comes out of the Disney music factory.
81% Poptastic!

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours (Video)
I've heard this song a lot recently, and wondered why, because I thought it was an old song. Well, it turns out that it's in fact his new single, the first from his new album, but I've had a version of it as an mp3 for years! This meant I had no idea he had a new album out - it's even got a duet on it with James Morrisson, of all people. I'd forgotten James Morrisson even existed! Anyway, I'm Yours is a sweet and lovely low-key song, but since I'd had it for so long and never thought much about it, that suggests it's probably not going to make a huge impact. Then again, if those who like Jack Johnson bought Jason's CD instead, as is quite possible with this lead single, the world would be a much better place.
79% Poptastic!

Boomkat - Runaway (Video)
I'm not sure if you can call it a comeback when they were sadly never very successful in the first place, but Boomkat can at least be said to be back for another try. Taryn is looking rather more demure these days, no longer the burst of sparkly attitude she used to be, and the song is far more r'n'b than her debut album. Where is the great fun band I was obsessed with when I heard The Wreckoning and What U Do 2 Me? This is still nice but I'd rather have the old Boomkat back. I'll be interested in hearing the album anyway, though.
73% Poptastic!

Alphabeat - 10,000 Nights of Thunder (Video)
Obviously this is far from new - it was my 3rd fave single of 2008 after all - but it's got a new video for its UK release, which seems to me a plenty good enough excuse to mention my darling Danes. After the successes of Robyn and Alphabeat, and perhaps soon September, I don't even feel the need to emigrate anymore. Well done UK, I knew you had it in you! Now how about Private for the next big thing?
99% Poptastic!

Hilarious news of the day

In June a Disney TV movie called Camp Rock will be released starring the Jonas Brothers. No surprise there, but I just read that Joe Jonas (I would laugh, but I do have a friend called Kristjan Kristjansson) is playing a character with a "bad boy rocker image". Considering his membership of the Jonas Brothers, with lyrics such as "We'll save the future together, This family is forever", I don't think he's got the greatest chances of pulling that off...
Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Pop On The Block

Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up (Video)
I posted Sara's single Love Song on Into The Groove back in August 2007, and since then it's gone on to be a deservingly huge hit in America. This is her follow-up, but I must say I'm not half as impressed. It's not infectious at all, just sounding like Love Song without all its good bits! Maybe it'll be a grower, as Love Song was too, but I did actually like that on first listen so I'm not expecting too much. Quite a shame!
43% Poptastic!

Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time (Audio)
No Air is a huge success (even reaching the UK top 70 this week despite no official release), which is no surprise at all of course, but I was a bit surprised to read she has another single scheduled for release this month. I imagine it'll be postponed, although the American artists do seem to have a competition going to see who can get the most songs in the charts at once. Rihanna and Nelly Furtado are particularly good at this. One Step is a cute and jolly song, but a little dated and I reckon a Jason Nevins remix is in order to make it as good as his amazing version of Tattoo.
76% Poptastic!
Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Next Big Thing?

I don't know much of New Zealandian(??) pop music but I'm intrigued now I've heard a few songs by Ladyhawke. Her real name is Pip Brown, and she's going for an 80s electro sound. The music isn't pure pop but it's got some catchy elements and her voice is easier to listen to than a lot of her fellow electro ladies, such as Karin Dreijer, Uffie or Yelle. She's playing loads of gigs in the UK in the next few months, so there's plenty of chances to catch her live if you take a liking to her - I've already added her to my 'to see' list for this year's Great Escape. My favourite Ladyhawke song that I've heard so far is Paris Is Burning, as it reminds me of Feist in disco mode on One Evening. Very cute. And she features on an ace song that's like a dance-pop version of The Knife, Embrace by PNAU, an Australian dance duo.
Hit Potential: 45% Poptasticness: 80%

Kris Demeanor
A mildly amusing name, but Canadian Kris is actually more than mildly amusing. The only downside is he seems to be quite the druggy, with a band called the Crack and a song called Perfect Buzz! Still his songs kept me amused, especially I Have Seen The Future, a story about when Kris and his dad played tennis and got picked on by some local idiots. A spoken word act is not so likely to reach the top of the charts, and unfortunately his songs are not quite up to the standard of MC Lars, but they're quite jolly and I'll be interested to hear more of them. I used to find Canadian accents too extreme, but I've grown to love them for it (especially since Avril Lavigne turned good), so Kris Demeanor gets my seal of approval, also for the quote on his MySpace, "I wanted more than anything else to live in a world of gnomes." As you do...
Hit Potential: 15% Poptasticness: 60%

Yelle: The coolest person in France?

I think SO.
Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I just discovered this performance of one of Jens Lekman's b-sides, and the subject is one I'm rather familiar with: NRJ Radio! It's a station in Sweden which plays pop, r'n'b and dance music, very much aimed at teenagers. It's mainly American music which they play, but you can often hear the latest Swedish hits too, so it's worth a listen when Rix FM is playing a Westlife song (unless it's Something Right, in which case stay tuned cos that song is super-ace!). Jens' song is not entirely complimentary to NRJ, but nostalgic, and it's sweet to think of him aged 14. You'll probably enjoy this more if you know about NRJ and are already a Jens fan - otherwise I recommend his more poptastic tunes, such as You Are The Light or Friday Night At The Drive-In Bingo.

#SPLIT - Jens Lekman - Radio NRJ
by lablogotheque
Sunday, April 06, 2008

International Video Challenge

Representing Moldova: Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop
This is the new alter-ego of Dan Bălan, ex-member of the Moldovan trio O-Zone (singers of Dragostea Din Tei), and it's as loopy as it's title suggests. Just try singing along to the chorus! He's practically yodelling. With a breakthrough single like theirs, the O-Zone boys have had a lot to live up to in craziness, making their solo careers great fun to follow. Arsenie entered Eurovision with Loca (quite good) and has released a few more singles, such as Love Me Love Me (amazing) and Professional Heartbreakers (bonkers). This is the first of Dan's solo work I've heard, but with a song as strange, and yet strangely addictive, as this, he is doing his reputation proud. Brilliant video too! Watch the 'making of' in English here.

Representing Germany: Alex C ft. Y-Ass - You've Got The Sweetest Ass In The World (Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch Der Welt)
I heard this German hit, translated to English, on the radio while I was in Sweden last week, and I could not believe my ears when it reached the chorus. The surprise element of this sweet, jolly song being so directly smutty is just brilliant. I'm sure it's going to be a worldwide hit. You heard it here first! (Unless you didn't) Does anyone else think Alex C looks a lot like Miquita from Popworld, by the way?

Representing Spain: David Tavare - Hot Summer Night Oh La La La
It may be snowing outside, but in Poland (which was surely a cold country last time I checked) this is in the top 20 of ace pop station Radio Eska. It's nothing on Alexia's Uh La La La but it's still pretty catchy, although I can't remember anything else of the song apart from those insistent 'oh la la la's. This edition of International Video Challenge seems to have a special theme of nonsensical lyrics, from Crazy Loop's 'mm-ma-ma's to the aptly-named Y-Ass's 'da-de-da's. It seems the influence of O-Zone is still strong throughout Europe, years after no Euro fan could stop singing 'mai ai hi, mai ai ha, mai ai hoohoo'.

DP Top 10: Remixes

I've recently become obsessed with the Jason Nevins remix of Jordin Spark's first single Tattoo (anything to distract me from playing No Air on repeat!) and this has led me to rediscover many more of my all-time favourite remixes.

Now I've made a top 10 and uploaded them into my new Dirrrty Pop muxtape for your listening pleasure. I'm sure these are far from the most technically accomplished remixes ever made, but they are, in my opinion, the most enjoyable. I hope you'll agree and sing and dance along, as was the intention I'm sure of their creators.

Listen here

1. Natasha Bedingfield - The One That Got Away (Valentin Radio Mix)
2. BWO - Conquering America (Johan S Remix)
3. Jordin Sparks - Tattoo (Jason Nevins Radio Edit)
4. Teddybears Sthlm ft. Paola - Yours To Keep (Extended Mix)
5. Joana Zimmer - I Believe (Dance mix)
6. Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's OK (Thunderpuss Mix)
7. Kimberley Locke - 8th World Wonder (APL's K-Lo Rock Mix)
8. Tina Cousins - Wonderful Life (the one released in Australia, I think)
9. Crush - Jellyhead (Motiv8)
10. Feist - 1234 (VanShe Technologic Remix)

Honourable mentions:
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have To Leave It (Kleerup Remix)
Anniq - Skin Deep (not the dull radio version)
Michelle Branch - Everywhere (starring Snoop Dogg, rather strangely!)
Beyoncé & Shakira - Beautiful Liar (Freemasons)
Kaci - I Think I Love You (Almighty Mix)
Mis-Teeq - All I Want (Ignorants Remix)

I think the key to a good remix is that you don't care much for (or just hardly know) the original, because if it's a remix of your favourite song you miss your favourite parts of it, and it's off-putting when it doesn't sound how you expect it to. There's also the great feeling of a song you didn't like suddenly becoming good - now there's one more good song in the world, instead of just another version of an already good one.

Unfortunately I don't know the official names of all of the remixes, so let me know if you can fill in any gaps I have. If you know any other great remixes in this vein then please let me know, I'd love to hear some more.

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