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Who needs guitars anyway?

Best Bits
Monday, September 29, 2003
The Answers

Well done everyone who had a go (all 3 of you!), especially Maria who got them all right!

1. Stuck
2. Innocent Eyes
3. Twist Of Fate
4. Sweet Dreams My LA Ex
5. Life Got Cold
6. Hole In The Head
7. Where Is The Love?
8. Jumpin'
9. Crazy In Love
10. Rock Your Body
Thursday, September 25, 2003
A Quiz!

I got bored in French today so decided to work out some song titles in French. Here are 10 - I will give you the answers on Sunday or Monday (I'm away this weekend):

1. Collé
2. Yeux Innocents
3. Torsion De Destin
4. Les Gentil Reves Ma LA Ex
5. La Vie A Obtenu Le Froid
6. Trou Dans La Tete
7. Ou Est L'Amour?
8. Sauter
9. Fou Dans L'Amour
10. Basculez Votre Corps

Good luck everyone!
Wednesday, September 24, 2003
I Can't Believe It!

Last week I had a top 5 uh-oh songs and completely forgot Beyonce! In other unbelievable events, I can't think what to write about today. Any ideas? Requests?
Sunday, September 21, 2003
Its A Sad Sad Situation

and it's getting more and more absurd.

Adam didn't get through on Pop Idol, despite obviously being hugely talented and sweet and doing a Stevie Wonder song and bending his knees at regular intervals throughout. What more do you want? I just don't get it!

Alistair looks like he's not going to win. He is winning at the moment which means he will not be winning by next week. He isn't in 1st place in the CBBC or DigitalSpy polls anymore. What can we do now? I'm not letting his opportunity slip away!

The new PJ board is grey and yellow and therefore quite minging. I think I might start a campaign to make it pink, anyone want to help?
Friday, September 19, 2003
Friday I'm In Love
Please allow me to introduce you to to my brand new weekly feature, inspired by my newly least fave person on my fave TV show (Let's see you work that one out!). I tell you who I love and you agree. It's that simple!

I'm still making up my mind about Me Against The Music, but until I do I shall continue to enjoy her fab back-catalogue. I couldn't even name a song, there's been so many good ones! Go Broccoli!

Adam off Pop Idol
I spotted him a few weeks a go and decided on the spot he was my fave, so he'd better get through tomorrow! I also decided in the last few seconds to support Susanne, cos she's from Reading (near me), but I like Maxwell too cos he's posh and, well you know what it's like with me and posh boys!

Claudia Winkleman
Officially the best presenter since Simon off Popworld. FA On 3 would be rubbish without her. Well technically it would still have Alistair, but it would not be anywhere near as ace as it is.

And that's all for this week. Goodnight!
Scarrry Pop

Pop can sometimes be a very scary place. Here are some recent examples.

One of D-side is called Ryan O'Rian - does that not reek of 'inbred'?

I have come to the realisation that if any member of the scarrry new boyband, Twen2y 4 Se7en had gone on Pop Idol or Fame Academy, I probably would have liked them. They're all posh and sing ballads. If their song was better and they were a bit cuter I'd probably love them. Just goes to show how beneficial several weeks on TV can be. And what rubbish taste I have.

And scarrriest of all, I haven't bought a CD in ages! Not since I've been back from my holiday, that's about 3 weeks, which I promise is a very long time for me. But I will not be rushing out now to buy a CD, as I have to save my money for the CDs by Will, Darren Hayes, possibly Triple 8 and the proper FA CD. On top of that, there will be an FA book and DVD t obuy and I may have to pay for various concerts or Will performances. I can see myself running up big IOUs to my parents!
Wednesday, September 17, 2003
My New Screensaver
It has Will pictures! From the new calendar! And clever effects to go from one to the next! And sounds! My favourite Will song, Cruel To Be Kind, to be precise! Thank you Kylie Phil (not that he will read this but just in case). It's ace as can be. Now I just have to wait for my sister to change it back to WWF (that's wildlife, not wrestling - thank God). I give it 3 days at the most before she realises....and probably another ten after that til I realise she's realised. At least I admit these things. However she will never be able to get me back for when she got very cross and made my wallpaper say 'I Hate You' (quite obviously a Siobhan reference) and I returned the favour by changing hers to Busted headless aka Beheaded. Well my parents thought it was hilarious, but they have the excuse of never having been on b3ta etc. who effortlessly overshadow my Paint Shop comedy attempts.
Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Will Young Photo Story

Part 3:

Hi guys! It's Will here again for another photo story.

I took my nephew to school yesterday. Here's me in the geography classroom. I had to sign tonnes of autographs for the Mums.

Here's me waiting at the station for a train back up to London. It was delayed for an hour!

When I got to London I went to a museum with a friend. Here's me waiting for her to arrive.

I went back to my house afterwards to get ready for a meeting at my record company. Here's me in my new outfit - what do you think?

The meeting went on very late and I had to walk back in the cold and dark (My car has bee ntowed away again - how embarrassing!)

And here I am right now, sitting typing this at my computer. Do you like my new hat? It was a present from a fan and I love it.

Speak to you soon!

Love, Will xx
How Thick Am I?

Very. I thought Chris The Vicar was really a vicar. Surely I am not alone in this? I also did something else very stupid today, but I have (even more stupidly) forgotten what it was. Maybe I will remember it tomorrow - or just forget that I was remembering something....it's a hard life!

On a more positive note, I found out today that there is a boy in my school called.....Will Griffin! I have now made it my mission to find out who this boy is, so I will report back when I do. I'm betting he's lovely cos the person who knew him knows all the cool 6th form types. This just proves how rubbish my life is, that I would get so excited about someone having that name!

And in other, even more exciting news, I went on PJ today to find this staring back at me! I cannot wait to see this video, but I will have to be careful not to mention or show it to my Mum who adores that boy as much as I do. She, however is in her 40s and should not be looking at pretty boyband member's bottoms. That's MY job!
Sunday, September 14, 2003
Will Young Photo Story

Part 2:

Hello again! It's Will, back for more poptastic fun and frolics...

Today I've been doing a photoshoot for Gardeners Weekly. They put me in a horrible shirt, but I didn't want to offend anyone so I just wore it anyway. I hope none of my mates see, they will take the piss!

Here is me at my personal trainer's house, about to go for a run. He's just decorated, doesn't it look cool?

You just caught me before I'm off to bed. Night!

Lots of love,

Will xx
Looking Back On When We First Met
Here's what I said about the FA-ers when we first 'met' and I spelt Alistair's name wrong....oh dear!

"Alasdair - Alasdair sang a typical crowd pleaser, Back For Good, and did a very good version I thought. But he is obviously no star performer and as a person seems a bit odd."

Eek! I'm a bad bad person.

Carolynne's was the performance of the night for me. Again she is very pretty, in a Shania Twain meets Andrea Corr kind of way, but she also has a proper powerful voice making her miles ahead of the others in my opinion."

Yes that's Carolynne, my least fave student. Hmm.

"James - James looks lovely and sounds lovely. Pity about his embarrassing tart of a girlfriend and the fact he's never read a book - not even Mr Tickle! Still he has obviously worked really hard to get here and was so pleased (even brought to tears) when he got through."

Well I am still half and half about James but I have gone off him quite a bit since then. Only keeping him cos he's Alistair's friend.

"Peter - I'm still undecided about Peter. I was pleased that he got through cos it will be interesting to see how he gets on with some of the more serious contestants such as Louise and James. I have a feeling that Peter is going to do well, though I don't know if he can win.

Not much change really. He won't win.


Or she'll scream and scream and scream...etc."

That didn't last very long did it? The next post said:

"What's Going On? - On Friday morning whilst watching the live feed with my Mum over breakfast, I said in no uncertain terms there was something I disliked about Alistair and I have said the same to various others. So how come half an hour later he had become my second favourite contestant (After the almighty Alex)?"

Then I had my doubts:

"I feel an obsession coming on. I need help now! Alistair is obviously not going to win cos we all know he isn't as good as Alex or some others. I am just leading myself into a trap here and embarrassing myself horribly in the process."

Then I began following the progress of Alistair's pants and posting lots of pictures. Then I thought I'd lost my pop. So I posted more Alistair pictures. Clever. Then I went on holiday, and returned to find Alistair had my letter on hispinboard and before I knew it every post was about Him. Oops!
Everybody say uh-oh
It seems you can't have a hit anymore without an uh-oh. Some examples:

Liberty X - Jumpin'
Lumidee - Never Leave You
Lisa Scott Lee - Too Far Gone
Shampoo - Trouble
Even our Alistair is at it in Little Miss Disaster!
In order to prove I am the most uncool blogger around and never one to miss a new trend (yeah right!), here are the CDs currently sitting by my stereo:

Amy Studt - False Smiles
Delta Goodrem - Innocent Eyes
Britney Spears - Britney
Sophie Ellis Bextor - Read My Lips
Savage Garden - Affirmation
Lillix - Falling Uphill
Girls Aloud - SOTU
Madonna - Immaculate Collection
Justin Timberlake - Justified
Fame Academy compilation (2002)

Could actually be (and often is) much worse than that!
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Video Killed The Radio Star

Thicke - When I Get You Alone
Thicke gives hope to unpretty people. You CAN have a brilliant song I will never get bored of. You CAN dance around (what may or may not be) New York in your video. And you CAN work with Will Young (Yes you heard that right, Will Young!) and Beethoven (sort of). I give Thicke *****

Blue - Guilty
I'm still wondering if The Saturday Show actually had this on slow motion this morning. The video has loads of slow motion bits and the song sounded like an alright mid-tempo song slowed down. The verse did nothing, the bridge did nothing, the chorus barely existed! Come on Blue, get your act together! I give Blue *

Butterfly Boucher - Can't Make Me Love You
I was excited as soon as this video popped up. I'd never heard of her and, I mean, she's called Butterfly! If that isn't something to get excited about, what is? She's a bit angsty, the song is hardly pop perfection, but the video is utterly fab! It is based on drama club, she looks very nervous performing, and there is miming, silly dancing and all sorts. I give Butterfly Boucher ****
Oi You!
Mr H (From Steps) Went To My School himself has nicked my feature Video Killed The Radio Star! And just when I was about use it too. How very very naughty is he? Shame on you sir!
It's A Will Young Photo Story!

Part 1:

Hi pop fans! It's Will here - long time no see! So what have I been up to since we last met? Let's take a look...

Here I am at the gym, deciding whether I dare chat to the cute boy on the treadmill.

This is me at my friend's garden party. As you can see I was a bit moody cos my nephew had just squirted ketchup all over my new outfit!

This is me back at my parent's house. I'd just had a playfight with my brother, which is why my top is ripped and I'm laughing. That cheeky rascal!

My Dad lent me a jumper and we spent the rest of the evening watching Fame Academy. I voted for Alistair 10 times!

See you soon!

Love, Will xx
Friday, September 12, 2003
How To Win Pop Idol Or Fame Academy In 2 Easy Steps
Ever fancied becoming a pop superstar? Here's my guide...

STEP 1: The first step in winning a show like this is not to stand out at the beginning. If people know who you are from the start, you will become an early favourite, which means that you are very unlikely to be the favourite at the end of the show. The British public have a very low attention span, so if you peak too early people will get bored of you and have moved on to someone else by the time of the final. Typically they come 2nd as they still have the votes of people who don't pay as much attention to the show so aren't yet bored. Examples of people who made this mistake are Gareth Gates and Ruben (Who did win AI but lost out in the singles charts by a long way). Alex FA and Chris The Vicar are about to do the same. If you enter Pop Idol, try to get minimal TV coverage until the final 50 and if Fame Academy do consistently good performances until about midway through when your songwriting talent shines through and everyone falls in love with you. Remember, Britain loves a dark horse.

STEP 2: Be an inoffencive and lovable young preferably middle class male pop singer. Do not be loud or over-confident (Unless like David Sneddon you are the only inoffensive young male pop singer, then you can do what you want) and make sure people feel sorry for you when the favourite gets favouritised over you. Don't be typically good looking - have something 'wrong' with you like a big chin or nose, but still be very attractive in a sweet and innocent, boy next door way. Be talented, attractive and nice enough but don't be too perfect (Unless your name is Will Young) or you will be the early favourite (See STEP 1).

Pretty easy really! So who is going to win? Fame Academy is of course Alistair and Pop Idol either lovely Leon or if he becomes an early favourite then it will be someone we haven't seen yet. I will tell you in 5 weeks when we have all our contestants. A few early guesses would be Glen, Adam or Mark. Take a look for yourself here

I love that word, isn't it great? I decided that last night while listening to Delta's album, in which the word features heavily. Anyway, here are my top 5 songs I never thought I'd be *heart*ing this year:

1. Sugababes - Hole In The Head - I can't stand the Sugababes but this rocks
2. Girls Aloud - No Good Advice - SOTU was just a rip-off of every song ever, while this is one the best songs of the year
3. Delta Goodrem - Innocent Eyes - Her 1st 2 songs bored me but this is great, as is the rest of her album if you're open to it
4. Christina Aguilera - Beautiful - Was never a huge fan of XTina and the idea of this song is so pretentious, but sounds fab in practise
5. Amy Studt - Misfit - I never expected a 2nd single which is why I was surprised to be *heart*ing this

Your Song
My top 5 (Maybe the only 5) songs about little ol' me!

1. Jesse Hold On by B*Witched
2. Dear Jessie by Madonna
3. Dear Jessie by Rollergirl
4. Jessie by Joshua Kadison
5. Jessica by Allman Brothers

This has given me a great idea! Keep your eyes pealed...

I Can't Believe...
that when you search for Alistair (Not even Griffin, just Alistair) you get....................nothing! So if he wins he can be called just Alistair, just like Louise, Darius and other pop megastars.
Thursday, September 11, 2003
Oooh pretty!
Blogger now has 'post options' and a spellcheck! Very exciting. And now onto other pretty things.

1. Will
He's doing a concert. I'm going. This is very good news for all concerned.

2. Alistair
He's doing a concert. I'm not going. This is very bad news for all concerned. In other Alistair news, he is going to win. I'm not joking, he really is.

3. Popjustice
They had an awards show. I was not there, but they seemed to have a good time even without me. You know I would have just spent the whole time reminding them to buy Will's next single and somehow getting him to win the award even though he wasn't shortlisted.

That's all the pretty things I can think of now. I have a three track mind. But as I always (well never really but i could) say "Quality is better than quantity" and these are the highest quality pretty things around.
Sunday, September 07, 2003
Will has new hair!


And a little bit of Alistair:

The Griffin family not only gave us the lovely Alistair, but also my favourite sausage shop (Griffins) in Newbury! Coincidence? I think NOT!
Thursday, September 04, 2003
Something A Bit Different For Today, I Think

AG Not Only Stands For Alistair Griffin but also Anything Goes, the rude forum on Devoted. Coincidence? I think NOT!

This picture is not only ace, but it is also called 'ace'. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Last year's Fame Academy winner David Sneddon had the voting phone no. ending in 09. Alistair's no. is 09011 2122 09. Coincidence? I think NOT!
Back To The Old School
I apologise for all the school related posts at the moment, but it is the main thing on my mind. OK the second main thing on my mind, but we won't go into that again. (Alistair won the songwriting competition and will peform his song on Sunday - Alex better watch her back!)

Anyway, my first day back hasn't been too awful as I had my fave fortnightly lesson - a free period where I get to go on the internet the whole time. Oh the fabness! I also enjoyed the new sixth formers, though I have to say they were not up to the high standards of the previous years. I dread to think what I will do when I am in upper sixth, I can't fancy people my own age, that would just be unright! To add to this last year's 'JT goes rock' has grown a bizarre blonde mullet and the totally minging boy from last year's Yr 11 who used to annoy me (My little sister told him about my hearting Will, grrrr!) has come back. Apart from that, and my forgetting there was an Alasdair in my form (We already have a large baked bean named Will), it was generally an OK day. However I have science every school day for the next fortnight so I may be rather less positive by this time next week.
Wednesday, September 03, 2003
We Might Not Go Back At All
I wish. Going back to school is always the worst day of my year - I spend 6 weeks dreading it! Everyone changes over the holidays and you don't know where you stand, then once you've finally got everything back to shiny and perfect it's July again. I spend the first day just not believing that I am at school again and by the second lesson I am counting down until the end of the day just as normal. And tomorrow I will also be wishing I was at Brent Cross watching Fame Academy, sad as it is. There is one good point though - I tried on my school trousers expecting them to burst at the seams and shockingly, they were too big! Hurrah, hurrah and one for luck, hurrah!

That song (School's Out) has reminded me of a scary experience I had in Germany. As the more die-hard pop fans among you will know, the A-teens have covered it as a duet with Alice Cooper on their latest album. I was listening to said album in a shop when I started getting very odd looks from the girl next to me (I don't know why, she was listening to No Angels!). I finished listening to A-teens and took the CD back to the rack, then glanced over to the girl to find she was still staring at me. Then two boys in white t-shirts walked in, they looked harmless but I guess they could have been the German equivalent of Blazin' Squad, who knows? Anyway, one boy said to the other, "I want to hear some A-teens music." This was firstly strange because they spoke in English and secondly cos I had just been listening to A-teens. I decided I'd had enough of this shop and went to find my Dad. I couldn't see him and was walking up and down the aisles when I almost walked right into one of the white t-shirt boys. I said 'sorry' and turned around, then saw my Dad and we left. Finally, we were going up the moving ramp escalator thingy to leave the shopping centre when I turned around and saw white t-shirt boy standing right behind me. As you can imagine I almost fell right back down the escalator (Which would have been the second time that day!) and spent the rest of the day checking my back. I really thought I'd got myself a stalker! But luckily I did not see either the white t-shirt boys or the staring girl again. Phew!
Tuesday, September 02, 2003
My scary dream
I bought the Gareth album and worst of all, I liked it!!!!
How did no-one else ever notice this?


Alistair Griffin = Ali G!

Look What I Made!

Monday, September 01, 2003
Alistair's Got My Letter!
Title says it all really. Perhaps I shouldn't be drawing attention to the fact that I sent one, but I did and it is on his pinboard and oh the fabness of it all! He doesn't seem to have the cut-out pants but he has the card with the lawn darts cartoon. So now I'm writing another one! Writing to a pop star is something everyone has to do at least once in their life. It's not something I would usually do at all, but when you can see them reading it on TV it's just too good to resist.

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