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Who needs guitars anyway?

Best Bits
Sunday, November 30, 2003

Video Killed The Radio Star

The Idols - Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
It doesn't bode well that I, one of the few people that would still openly count Pop Idol as their fave show of the moment, am already bored of this song. There's just too many people in the song giving it no style or identity. News in this week that the PI winner's single is out Jan 5. I guess they are getting in for the slow January release time. Not much happens around then - even Snedhead got a no.1 last January!
Poptastic rating 62%

Stacie Orrico
I love Stacie's first 2 singles and was telling people about her for months before she came over here, but this reminds me of a Billie album track and no that is not a good thing. Not that Billie didn't have some good songs, but this does not sound like them. This is very weak, very dull and hugely disappointing.
Poptastic rating 23%

10 Words To Describe Maroon 5

1. Beautiful
2. Exciting
3. Stunning
4. Phenomenal
5. Captivating
6. Wonderful
7. Thrilling
8. Extraordinary
9. Incredible
10. Perfect

I could go on and on...

In other M5 news, I did this ace quiz:

You are Adam! Adam is the lead vocalist and guitarist in Maroon 5. He is the source of 99% of the lyrics and the voice you hear blaring from the speaker. Most of the girls want him. He has an obsession with his rainbow belt AND his blue and pink shirt.


Please Do Me This One Small Favour

Click here and listen to the most beautiful song of the year. I defy you not to like it. If this was Christmas no.1 everything would be right in the world of pop. So buy this record and make a lot of people happy as well as having the great priviledge of owning a classic hit that will be loved for a long time to come. 15th December, buy this record.

Dirrrty Poptastic Awards 2003

Today is a very exciting day because as you may have guessed I am announcing a special event that is The Dirrrty Poptastic Awards 2003! During the month of December I am going to be handing out awards to the Best Dressed Pop Person, Most Exciting Newcomer, Cutest Reality TV Contestant, Coolest Pop Icon, Mosty Memorable Pop Moment, Voice That Gave Me Goosebumps, Best Song To Dance To, Most Touching Ballad, Most Played Album and Hottest Euro Hit. On top of that will be a the Outstanding Contribution To Dirrrty Pop award and the Viewer's Choice award for Best Pop Act, which will be voted for by you. It all starts on the 4th of December aka when my exams are over!
Saturday, November 29, 2003

Mr PJ's Thoughts On World Idol

My own illustrated guide will continue soon. When I'm not sleep deprived and busy worrying about other Will-related and *shock* non-Will-related things. And in other World Idol news, I am (in the words of Avid Merrion) "so excited I might wee".

Idols That Go Pop

I don't know what to say about tonight's Pop Idol. The boys are still my favourites. Michelle is still my least favourite, even though she was the best tonight. Still, it's looking good for the all boy final 3. I'm thinking Sam and Chris fighting it out in the final. Except they won't be fighting cos they're just too nice. As you might have guessed, I like the nice young boys on these shows. It doesn't matter how good a singer you are, if you're not a young male with a nice smile, forget getting my vote. I like it that way.
Thursday, November 27, 2003

Aww! Thanks Mr Kitten!

Look what he made for me:

It's Alistair Griffin and his two furry friends! The cat being by far the best dressed of the three. And it is very ace, so thank you Mr K. I would make a kitten picture for you but as anyone who has seen my past attempts will agree, I'm not exactly a Paint Shop Pro genius. In fact it scares me and I prefer MS Paint. But if anyone would like to right this wrong I would be eternally grateful!

Will Makes The News

Shops run out of Will Young's new single

Huge demand for Will Young's new single has left shops without stock as the track races towards the top of the charts.

Stores had underestimated how popular the Pop Idol winner continues to be as the star sold 40,000 copies of his new song in a day.

Now shops have restocked to get Leave Right Now back on track to take the number one slot on Sunday.

Many stores assumed Young's career had hit a downturn like Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates, whose last single Sunshine peaked at number three.

HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: "This is the strongest week-one demand for a single that we have experienced all year, and a small number of stores were taken a little by surprise and ran out of stock quicker than expected.

"However, they now have copies of the single back on the shelves to cater to the demand from fans."

Music retailers are cautious about overbuying singles because of a slump in sales. The number of singles sold over the 12 months to September this year were down by more than 30% on the previous year's figures.
Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Here Comes The Showdown

Just to prove that Will should be no.1 one this week and not Alfie Moon, it's a Celebrity Showdown!

1. Past hits:
Will: 3 no.1s (Including the biggest selling debut single ever!) and a no.2. (7 points (no.1=2))
Shane: None, unless he was part of the 70s US girl group, The Ritchie Family?(0 points)

2. Youthfulness:
Will: A young and sprightly 24 years (5p)
Shane: Past his best at 39 (0p)

3. Credibility:
Will: Gaining more by the day (5p)
Shane: Losing more by the day (-5p)

4. Song Quality:
Will: A beautiful ballad (10p)
Shane: A craptacular cover (0p)

5. Video Quality:
Will: Arty and unusual (10p)
Shane: Cheesy and unoriginal (0p)

So lets add up the scores...Shane has -5 points while William is the clear winner with 37 points. Well done Will!

Everybody Wants Ya!

In the words of S Club, when they were still S Club 7.

Will has been everywhere today and he hasn't even made any appearances - just his video on TV, music channels etc. and his song on every radio station I listen to. Then again, this could just be my Willdar which is working very well at the moment, it's on top form just like Will. It feels like Evergreen all over again except this time people aren't buying Pop Idol, it's 100% William Robert Young! Perhaps with a little help from the PI2-ers being so rubbish. If Adam (Still haven't forgotten him!) had got through, this may not be the case, as he was ace all over and may even be the brother of a 888 member! He might not though. Anyway I'm feeling lots of Will-power today!

Hip Hip Hooray! x1 billion

Today the very ace Alyson is going to the Bahamas to get married! And her pal Claire is going too and probably their small but highly intelligent (and very well named) friend Jessica too. So get over to CFB and congratulate her!
Monday, November 24, 2003

A Strange Occurence

Today in Biology, I suddenly came up with a brilliant idea for a novel! By the time I'd got to Food tech (my next lesson) my novel had several interacting storylines and was looking rather ace indeed. Now my novel has turned into a TV show (I've given up the hope of becoming an author or journalist and now dream of TV-writer-stardom) which I have decided to make the British Dawson's Creek. It now also has Will playing himself in it and singing the entire soundtrack (quelle surprise!) except for the bit at the end where one of the main characters sings. The only problem is that I cannot allow myself to develop it until Friday the 5th as I am revising for & then taking my mock exams. Just great!

Edit - Just realised it will only fill 3 shows. Perhaps it should be a film instead? That will work much better. Hurrah!
Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Dirrrty Pop Guide To World Idol Part Three

Thanks to the lovely and ace Alyson for this guide to the Australian Idol winner:

"The winner of So Oz As Idol was 21 year old Guy Sebastian, a devout Christian who doesn't smoke, drink or have sex. He's famous for his afro (leading to the phrase "Go The Fro"), and for making every song sound a bit Lionel Ritchie. In fairness to Gaz, he did have a higher level of musical proficiency than the other contestants, given he did his own arrangements and stuff, but singing wise, he wouldn't SING as such, more squawk in a strange way (cwirmbembymerntain = Climb Every Mountain in Guy land) and then get a huge standing ovation! Given that So Oz As Idol was a bloody interesting show (with fattism/racism/Millsy etc) it's weird the winner is a Grade A dullard, but ya know, the kids love him...so what can ya do!"

Just to add, if anyone else (Not from UK or US) wants to give us a guide to their World Idol entrant, send them in! All comments are welcome, except any saying Will is bad or Yelly Kelly is good. Obviously.
Saturday, November 22, 2003

I Don't Like Mondays

But this coming Monday is an exception, because this is out:

I will of course be expecting you to buy this. You don't want to end up like Matt Busted in Smudge's story do you now?
Friday, November 21, 2003

Video Killed The Radio Star

Justin Timberlake - I'm Lovin' It
I didn't like this when I first heard it and was surprised when I found out it was the next single, but it's actually grown on me loads. It's still no Like I Love You, Cry Me A River etc. but it's not so bad and I do like a bit of Justin. I saw him on tour in May and I have to say he was just as good as the reviews said and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope this does well.
85% Poptastic!

Sugababes - Too Lost In You
I am not a fan of the 'Babes (Not since Siobhan left anyway) but I was pleasantly surprised by Hole In The Head. Compared to that this is a disappointment. It's a ballad, very similar to Stronger, and although it may be a grower and it isn't awful, it does not live up to the high standard set by the previous single. The video is pretty dull too, with my favourite bit being the clips from Love Actually which I can't wait to see on Sunday.
50% Poptastic!

Rachel Stevens - FunkyDory
I wasn't too keen on this when I first heard it, it's rubbish compared to Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex), but it does seem a bit better with the video to accompany, though saying that the video isn't the most exciting thing I've ever seen either. The song is quite catchy and I like the screamy bits a la Holly Valance, but I'm not sure if this will be a big hit or even a hit at all.
60% Poptastic!
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Best No.1s Of The Past 16 Years Ctd.


Take That - Never Forget

Runners Up: Michael Jackson - Earth Song, Take That - Back For Good

Worst No.1: Shaggy - Boombastic


Gina G - Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit

Runners Up: Spice Girls - Wannabe & Say You'll Be There

Worst No.1: Robson & Jerome - What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted etc.


No Doubt - Don't Speak

Runner Up: Hanson - MmmBop!, Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life

Worst No.1: Teletubbies - Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh!


B*Witched - C'est La Vie

Runners Up: Madonna - Frozen, anything by All Saints & Billie

Worst No.1: Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

Video Killed The Radio Star

Sophie Ellis Bextor - I Won't Change You
This is SEB at her best. Great catchy song, brilliant video. If the rest of her album is as good as this, then it will live up to the reviews of many of my poptastic allies. This video is definitely one for Zbornak, as the story of the video is Sophie goes speed dating and gets changed for each new date. I guess it symbolises trying to be liked by her boyfriend by being exactly how they want her. Very clever.
I give I Won't Change You ***** out of 5!

That's all for today. I would add Bring It On but I've written about that enough already.

The Dirrrty Pop Guide To World Idol Part Two

It's time to meet 2 more of my fave Idol contestants, which I love for totally different reasons to the last 2 (Will and Heinz). First up is the wonderful Kurt Nilsen of Norway:

That picture is just a classic! However, I was pleasantly surprised by his single so now I understand why he won...sort of.

The second Idol to introduce is Peter Evrard of Belgium:

Long greasy hair, a beard that has in the past been mistaken for a microphone - it is clear that this man is an absolute icon. Whether he can sing or not is another matter entirely as I haven't heard him. Lot of use I am!

Best Euro Pop Star Ever!

That name is deserved only by one girl, Sita Vermeulen, usually known just as Sita. This is her:

Yes she is a bit odd-looking but she makes up for with acer-than-ace songs, great clothes and general excellence. Visit her website, Sita Music. I have been a fan of Sita for about a year and a half now. I first saw and loved her on MTV Hits' Fresh Hits show and went to investigate on the internet. This led to me developing two new big obsessions - Sita and her old band K-otic. I ordered K-otic's fantastic album Bulletproof, which soon became and still is a favourite of mine, then I had the unbelievable luck of finding a signed Sita album in Camden's Music Exchange shop for only £6! Sadly K-otic split up last year after two albums and several incredibly brilliant singles including Damn I Think I Love You, I Really Don't Think So, I Can't Explain and Falling. They weren't the best of singers but they did varied pop music with an unusual sound.

Now the reason I am posting this at this moment in time is because Sita has an album coming out on Monday and I am very excited. It's called Come With Me and tracks include Popstar and My Kitchen - you've gotta love names like that!
Monday, November 17, 2003

New Will Song Alert!

Higher Than Heaven Have You Ever Been Low?

It's called Cry and is on the new single Leave Right Now (out next Monday!) which you are all going to buy obviously. It's a lovely mid-tempo catchy song, same kind of vein as LRN, a very pretty song with great lyrics. Another big thumbs up from me!


So now you find lifes a little bit tricky
Your left to devise thats broken in two

Does it work for you
Now you feel the fool
Its all because you've found away
To ignore your heart

All the things that you did
and said to me
You dragged me down with
your lies but never got to me

All the dreams and all the wasted opportunities
cause you played my mind
now its time you better play down the tears
and maybe think again
all your tears will be turned into reality
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

You've been messing with my mind
When it feels like love
has giving you up
and your heart starts letting you down

And your down on your own ability
cuz the blues are coming around

When the world stops spinning
cuz you're down on your luck
and it feels like the sun in your eyes

And repeating the words that you scream at me
i don't care if you cry
i don't care if you cry
if you cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
then you cry cry cry

Help Me

Does anyone know the html for putting the date in your blog so it changes every day? I have seen it somewhere before but cannot for the life of me remember how it's done. So if you do know leave a comment or e-mail me please.

This Made Me Laugh

Mr PJ gives Alex's album one star Well it's better than none.
Sunday, November 16, 2003

Alistair On The Box

From this:

To this:

And back to this:

The idea is he is just doing a tiny gig in his denim jacket, then suddenly he finds himself playing to huge crowds in his posh suit jacket and trendy t-shirt, but at the end he goes back to where he started. This means his feet are still on the ground, or something. There are also clips from FA and some old people playing bingo (Alistair or big FA fans will understand)
Saturday, November 15, 2003

My Thoughts On This Week's Pop Idol

I don't think Andy deserved to go this week, because he wasn't the worst, but then if Susanne or Chris had gone, who probably were the worst, I'd be very annoyed. I don't think Andy deserved to be in the Final 12. Not because he has already had a chance at pop stardom, but because of the way he won his place - based on him seeming to be a lovely person (Which he is), which would be fine if his performance on that night had been anything like as good as other people who didn't get through on that week and others.

As for tonight's performances, Chris' was what you might call memorable. I missed the first half from laughing, but he is a gem and I'm pleased he's still in. Susanne was disappointing again. She looked ace but there was something not right about it - it just wasn't her at all. Sam and Mark were both lovely as usual. When no-one's blowing my socks off, I can always go with the cute one or the funny boy-next-door one. I would like them both to do very well, although I'd be quite torn if they were the final 2. Very excited though. Roxanne was good as usual, but I still dislike her as a person. She's annoying. Michelle just bores me. She was very good tonight, but she's just a Pop Idol gimmick, not a real pop star in the making. She won't win. She doesn't connect with the viewer when she sings. She rarely looks at the camera and when she does it doesn't feel like she's looking at you. Still lacking stage presence but she is improving steadily in that. I couldn't possibly say who was best, or who I want to win, but I think the final four should involve Susanne, Mark, Chris and Sam, so Roxanne and Michelle to go next please.

Will's Next Career Move

Will has just announced, on Parkinson no less, that he would like his next project, after the album and the exercise CD, to be starting up his own café! Well, I personally would rather he kept making records, so I took matters into my own hands and this is what I came up with - Young's Cafe!

This Sounds Like A Plan!

On TOTP Sat this morning, Will decided he was going to make an exercise CD. A brand new concept! I have decided to help him along by writing him an exercise song, called Stretch Right Now:

You're here, just like you said
And you're breaking every rule I've ever made
Your racing heart is just the same
So make it strong, don't fake it once again
And I'd love to say you do
Work harder than you do
But that just wouldn't be true
So I say...

I think you'd better stretch right now
Before I get any stricter
I think you'd better stretch right now
You're feeling weaker and weaker
I think you'd better stretch right now
Before I get any stricter
I think you'd better stretch right now

Verse 2:
I'm here, so please explain
Why you're not breaking out in a sweat again
You're a little more greedy
And now it shows
You're not reaching high and now you're feeling low
Now you tremble in my arms
Say I've done you harm
But I tell you to be calm
So I say..

Repeat Chorus

You wouldn't know how to say
How good it feels being you today
Soon you'll get your smile back
And you'll say your right on track
But you may never know why
You needed this exercise
If I'm proud perhaps I should explain
I couldn't bear to see you weight gain

Repeat Chorus

Yes you will...

Repeat Chorus

Good, eh?

WillYUM indeed!

Will was on the Saturday Show today. Not only that, but Fearne got to be his personal trainer - how jealous am I? And you too I bet, when you see these pictures!

I love Will! I love Will! I love Will!
Friday, November 14, 2003

Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Will Tomorrow

Will's on Parkinson. He will talk. He will sing. He will grin. So will I!

But coincidentally I am already grinning as I just overheard my parents deciding to get me a digital camera for my birthday or xmas (3 days apart). Yippee! And when I get it this site can be a million times acer than it is. Hurrah!

The Dirrrty Pop Guide To World Idol Part One

The countries and regions taking part are UK, USA, South Africa, Poland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, the Middle East, Belgium, Canada and Australia.

I'm going to introduce all the candidates for you, a few at a time, starting with my fave - Will Young of the United Kingdom!

I won't bother to explain him except reminding you he is the best of everything ever and you WILL vote for him if you're not British, as I know many of my readers are. Click here for more.

My second favourite Idol contestant is Mr Heinz Winckler of South Africa. The S. Africans don't like him very much and I hear he only won cos of black/white prejudices in the country, but he really is ace so they should shut up. This is Heinz:

Click here for more info.

More World Idols coming soon!

Alistair News

His video for Bring It On is going to be on Flaunt between 8 and 8.30pm tonight! Woohoo! And look, here is the single cover (Click for more)

Isn't it pretty? Yes, it is. I love him so!
Thursday, November 13, 2003

My New Favourite Song

I finally heard Mad World by Gary Jules (originally Tears For Fears) and I just love it! It is beautiful and everyone should hear it and buy it whenever it comes out. Apparently it's one of the faves for Xmas no.1 as it has a cult following, since it was in the movie Donnie Darko. Alex who shouldn't be called evil by me, but now is, from FA has covered it on her album. It won't be as good as this, but I'm sure my Mum who is getting it for Xmas will *heart* it. Read the lyrics here and keep an ear out for it. For me and yourself, cos you will be very pleased when you do.

Now Can I Say "I Told You So"?

This uneducated man once hated Will. Now he loves him like everyone else with half a brain. Neil McCormick, you are a 2-faced git, but I mean it in the nicest possible way!

Read the article
Monday, November 10, 2003

Congratulations & Jubilations

On Thursday I set a very tricky pop quiz. Only one brave man dared to enter, who goes by the name of Droo and he got 5 out of 5, so he wins...a picture of Susanne out of Pop Idol! (Let's just hope I remembered right and she is his fave!)

Now on with the answers:

1. Which ex-member of Solid HarmoniE had a solo career in Europe?
a. Mariama b. Beki c. Melissa
2. What is the name of Will Young's mum?
a. Angela b. Annabelle c. Angela
3. Who does Delta Goodrem play on Neighbours?
a. Nadia Turner b. Nina Tucker c. Nancy Thomas
4. Which Spice Girl got a solo no.1 first?
a. Mel B c. Mel C c. Geri
5. Which ex-member of Hear'say was in the musical Summer Holiday?
a. Myleene b. Noel c. Suzanne
6. Which Fame Academy star has shared a flat with Darius?
a. Sinead b. Ainslie c. David
7. Which Triple 8 member has the nickname Cookie?
a. David b. Sparx c. Justin
8. At which awards show did Justin Timberlake preview Like I Love You in 2002?
a. VMAs b. MTV Movie Awards c. MTV Europe Awards
9. What was Jessica Garlick's single called?
a. Back To You b. Back Here c. Come Back
10. Which of these was not a member of 911?
a. Spike b. Jimmy c. Scott
Sunday, November 09, 2003
7 Nov: World Idols Is On!

World Idol - a contest between all the winners of first Idols programmes from around the world - is happening later this year! Heinz Winkler, winner of Idols 2002, will be competing against 11 other international Idols, including Kelly Clarkson and Will Young...

The live World Idols event will take place in London on 16 December 2003, and is due for broadcast on M-Net on Wednesday 24 at 20:00 (the show will last approximately 90 minutes). The results show is scheduled for broadcast - again on M-Net – on Wednesday 7 January 2004 at 19:30.

The South African version of the show will be produced by Fremantle (the production company behind Idols), and it's not just Heinz who will feature: the show will integrate one of our own judges and presenters. All three will be in London for the main 16 December recording.

Phone lines will be open immediately after the broadcast of the show on 24 December - for 24 hours, South African audiences will be able to vote for their favourite World Idol.

All other participating countries will conduct similar 24 hour voting to determine the winner of the competition. As with Big Brother Africa, only a percentage of the votes gained by each Idol from each country will be calculated. These percentages will then be tallied to decide the World Idol.

The two programmes will be repeated on Thursday 15 January 2004 at 17:00 (main show) and on Thursday 22 January 2004 at 17:00 (results show).

How will Heinz fare? Will Arabian Idol winner Diana Carzon do? Does anyone stand a chance against the crystalline voice of Kelly Clarkson? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: it’s sure to be unmatched international entertainment!
Friday, November 07, 2003
Video Killed The Radio Star

Gareth Gates - Say It Isn't So

What My Heart Wants To Say is bad. Unchained Melody is awful. But none of them are half as dull as this new single. I couldn't be further from a Gareth fan, but I've heard that some of the songs on his new album are quite good. This obviously isn't part of that some. It's like Westlife but more boring. The video is like Robbie's Feel but without the pretty horses and therefore much worse.
I give Gareth * out of 5

Atomic Kitten - Ladies' Night

A cover of course, and a terrible one too. Any more surprises for us, girls? And another question, if it's ladies' night ("If you hear any noise, it's not the boys, it's ladies' night") how come there are boys in the video? And why are they shoving their bums in Atomic Kitten's faces when they are obviously meant to be, and possibly really are, gay? This will probably do OK but not a huge hit - the song is too obvious a choice, even many of their youngest fans will recognise it.
I give Atomic Kitten 0 out of 5

I can't be botherd to review any more cos frankly I don't even care! And they're all just as crap as those 2.
Hey Britney!

So, I've heard the Britney album. And I love it! I knew I would though. Britney is ace as can be. My thoughts on the clips:

Me Against The Music - featuring Madonna
Love this of course. Took some time to get used to it but now one of my fave songs of the year. Anyone else think it sounds like elastic pinging?

Boom Boom featuring Ying Yang Twins (I Got That)
Very cool, a bit like Oh No (What You Got) from Justified.

Not sure bout this one. Not catchy at all. And very rude!

Breathe On Me
Unsurprisingly, breathy! A bit Kylie-ish. I quite like it.

Early Mornin
A little Destiny's Child. Not that great.

Absolutely love this! Favourite so far. Poppier and really excellent.

Another hip-hop track. A cooler Slave 4 U with the Indian vibe.

Touch Of My Hand
I think this is the infamous masturbation song!

The Hook Up
Catchy but samey. Needs more listens.

This one won't play so who knows?

Brave New Girl
A bit Madonna, very 80s, hint of Fannypack! Like this a lot.

This is quite good. Not my fave Britney ballad (Not A Girl) but nice.

Me Against The Music featuring Madonna Rishi Richs Desi Kulcha Remix
Indian flavour, cool but not as good as original.

(Bonus Track) The Answer
Pretty Good. A slightly poppier version of other tracks on the album.

Overall, I Still *heart* Britney and think as I get to know the songs I will love them all the more, as some are kind of merging into one at the moment. Can't wait to get this properly!
Thursday, November 06, 2003
Surely Not!

Five shocking pieces of pop news for today:

1. Suede are splitting up. How terrible. Not!

2. Kim is fave to go on PI this week, even though the person in the last 3 never goes due to sympathy votes (See Mark R, Chris & Cheryl in PS:TR, Ruben in AI)

3. The MTV Europe Awards are nearly over right now. I don't want to know who wins cos I'm waiting til Sunday to watch it. Sorry!

4. XTina has accused Pink of copying her. Kelly Oz has been saying mean stuff to her as well. Poor Chrissy!

5. The Fast Food Rockers are releasing album. Don't look anyone, it will all be over soon.
How Did YOU Get Here?

One of the funnest things to do on the internet if you have a website and a GoStats Hit Counter is to click on it and you can find out all sorts of weird and wonderful facts about your site - I'm sure Hula will agree, she found out loads of people were finding her site by searching for "Alex Parks lesbian" in Google and soon became the top (and most tops) results for that search. So here is just a taster of the fascinating facts I have learned today:

1. If you search for "related:www.faceparty.com/index.asp" in Google you will find this site, the Escargot Cafe, Popjustice, Triple8World and Panda Pops, but despite all being great, none of these really have anything to do with FaceParty at all. How bizarre!

2. Dirrrty Pop is most popular in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Australia. This is all quite understandable and very pleasing as I love Holland & Oz. I am also quite excited to have had 10 visits from Japan!

3. I have loads of Dutch-speaking visitors. Maybe I should start writing posts in Dutch occasionally? I also have lots of French and quite a few German and and Swedish speakers.

4. I would like to thank http://rockcriticsdaily.blogspot.com for sending tonnes of people my way even though I don't think I know you and can't even see a link to me on the site. Ah well, thank you! Edit-found it! You are one of very few, if not the only person to ever use my lovely little Dirrrty Pop banner. Yay!

5. The top 5 ways to find my site from Google are: 1. Phixx lyrics (yay!) 2. Phixx (yay!) 3. Nodesha pictures (only mentioned her once!) 4. Jaimeson Complete (ditto) 5. Twen2y 4 Se7en (!!!!). Random! And to the person wondering who appears in Abs' 7 Ways video, she is called Eve. She isn't French.
Look! A Quiz!

It's quite tricky too. You will have to delve deep into your pop knowledge and memories to answer. Anyone who gets them all right well and truly deserves a Chris Hyde style 24-hour-gasp!

1. Which ex-member of Solid HarmoniE had a solo career in Europe?
a. Mariama b. Beki c. Melissa
2. What is the name of Will Young's mum?
a. Angela b. Annabelle c. Angela
3. Who does Delta Goodrem play on Neighbours?
a. Nadia Turner b. Nina Tucker c. Nancy Thomas
4. Which Spice Girl got a solo no.1 first?
a. Mel B c. Mel C c. Geri
5. Which ex-member of Hear'say was in the musical Summer Holiday?
a. Myleene b. Noel c. Suzanne
6. Which Fame Academy star has shared a flat with Darius?
a. Sinead b. Ainslie c. David
7. Which Triple 8 member has the nickname Cookie?
a. David b. Sparx c. Justin
8. At which awards show did Justin Timberlake preview Like I Love You in 2002?
a. VMAs b. MTV Movie Awards c. MTV Europe Awards
9. What was Jessica Garlick's single called?
a. Back To You b. Back Here c. Come Back
10. Which of these was not a member of 911?
a. Spike b. Jimmy c. Scott

Good luck!
All I Want For Christmas...

is YOU! No, not you. No, no. Yes, you! You there! The one in the flat cap. Not you Grandad...

William! And his calendar. Please!

I've decided 2 presents that I will give too. It's never too early to think about Xmas!
Wednesday, November 05, 2003
What An Interesting/Strange/Scary Day!

You may remember a few weeks ago I told you about my Richard Park-esque French teacher, who always picked on me just like The Demon Headmaster did to lovely Alistair and how she had suddenly been nice to me, saying my coursework was excellent and actually apologising for being horrible to me! I almost fainted. Today she gave back everyone's next piece of coursework to do corrections and so on, but mine did not appear. I asked why and she told me it was beautiful work and perfect as it was and got me to do some other sheets. So surprised and confused was I, that I didn't notice her say don't write on the sheet. When I realised that she had, I turned to my friend in desperation asking "What shall I do?" Ever-helpful Steph replied instantly "Hide it!" And sneakily I did. Hurrah for sneakiness! But how long will I be able to stay in her good books? Only time will tell, but I'm betting it won't last more than a week. At least I might pass one GCSE anyway! (And it won't be history, I'm predicted a D - grrr! But so is our class genius so I'm not too worried)

Other exciting moments of the day included getting shouted at, running home for my chemistry book, seeing Xtina on TV 3 times in as many minutes, getting my report which is good except history as mentioned, losing and finding a history essay, getting invited to see Finding Nemo for my friend's birthday with about 10 people none of whom I know, phning my Mum to get her to bring me back to school as I was late, getting stuck behind the dustbin men on my way back to school and almost missing form, deciding whether on not to go to the fireworks (I probably won't, don't like them much), my friend getting shouted at and her report getting lost (poor girl!), hearing lots of sirens but never finding out what happened, a boy in my class jumping off a building (He is fine), my friend getting a letter and photo from a lovely boy (he liked Steps and would love this site) who left our school in year 7 (He is signed up to a TV agency now whatever that means) and much much more. All in all, it's been exhausting and I still have 8 hours left! I promise you my normal days aren't usually like this at all.

Update (8.45pm):

I went to the fireworks. They were rubbish, but I still had fun cos my normally very very quiet friend Suzy was being really loud and funny, a small boy in a H&M hoodie called my friends 'random townies' and one of them poured water over his head which he thought was beer and said 'thanks', then to round it all off my other friend got off with a 21-year-old fireman (She is 15 and already has a boyfriend - but he's a right pikey so who cares?). Not had so much excitement in ages - what is the world coming to?
Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Will Is Stronger!

I heard Will's song called Stronger today. If only it was still October! It sounds good but that could just be cos it's Will. I can't wait til Dec 1! (Except for the exams bit)

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Life has a funny way of trying to make
You a certain type
Making it hard,
Yeah life
His feet firmly on the ground
With a fear of flight
It’s always too far

It only makes me stronger
When you say I can‘t do it
I work that bit harder
When you say it’s not within my grip
The barriers are breaking down
I’ll prove myself
I’ll stick around
I’ll get through it all somehow
Nothings unreachable

Verse 2
Life is full of all these empty words
In perfect rhyme
When they don’t make no sense
Resigned to all of these doubts and nerves
You won first place
But you take second best

It only makes me stronger
When you say I won’t succeed
I‘ll work that bit harder ……….

Fade out

I love the last two lines of verse 2 - Will is getting controversial, I like it! A very nice dig at Cowell and BMG. Go go William!

Top 10 Will covers

1. Sweetest Feeling
2. Roooooxanne
3. Light My Fire (First time he sang it on PI)
4. I Won't Dance
5. Live And Let Die
6. Signed Sealed Delivered
7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
8. Fields Of Gold
9. Ain't No Sunshine
10. You Can't Take That Away From Me
Monday, November 03, 2003
Surely Not!

Five pieces of scandalous pop gossip to shock your socks off.

* Duncan from Blue's Mum has written a book called Just The Two Of Us.
* Britney, who once played strip poker with Ben Affleck, will sing at the reception of his wedding to Jennifer Lopez.
* Lee Ryan wants to make a film about his life as a student. Can't wait for that one! (not)
* Geri is in talks to work with the eating disorders association.
* Peter admits he snogged Alex The Lesbian in Fame Academy. I however knew this months ago when Alistair let it slip - that boy just can't keep a secret!
Today 1 month ago...

Alistair was the winner of Fame Academy. Tomorrow 1 month ago Alex won Fame Academy. GRRRR! However Alex has a boring formulaic video (Bonus points for lace-up armband though!) and a heartfelt emotional ballad to release while Sir Alistair of Griffin has an ace funny video with hay bales and stuff and a catchy fun pop song as his first singles and a pretty golden website! Now last time I looked gold medals were given to the winner, so yay! Alistair wins after all.
Just in case anyone is vaguely interested

The shared diary of Will and me over the next two months:


4th: Steve Wright
5th: Fan launch acoustic show in Manchester
8th: Festival of Rememberance 2003,
BBC1 9.0pm (performing 'Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square)
12th: NMAs - Will wins Best Album!
15th: Parkinson, BBC1 (performance)
20th: Richard & Judy and V Graham Norton, Channel 4, 5pm & 10pm (both performance)
21st: Children In Need BBC
23rd: Popworld, Channel 4 9.30am, (performance)
24th: LRN out today!
28th: TRL, MTV 4.30 & TOTP, BBC1 7.0pm (performance)
29th: TOTP Saturday, BBC1 11.0am (performance)


1st: Friday's Child out now! And Bring It On!
22nd: My birthday
Sunday, November 02, 2003
A Belated Happy Birthday

to lovely Alistair! I'm sorry I forgot but I do still love you lots and lots and lots. Here's a birthday cake balloon:

But who needs cakes when you've got a record deal and a very golden web site!
Saturday, November 01, 2003
The Saturday Musical Discovery

Well that lasted ages didn't it?

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